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historical market square

A Short Introduction to Hildesheim

Unique World Cultural Heritage sites, world-famous exhibits, historical half-timbered buildings, a colourful cultural scene and attractive shopping opportunities with a beautiful picturesque surrounding countryside - your stay in Hildesheim promises to be very interesting.

You will find widely varied offers of culture, nature and lots of history in this modern, flourishing city with a population of more than 100,000. Of course, for visitors the main focus is on the World Cultural Heritage sites - the Cathedral with its unique bronze castings and the 1,000-year-old St. Michael's Church - but these are only part of the many notable sights that Hildesheim has to offer, for there are other treasures that you will discover.

Hildesheim is also very rich in terms of culture. The Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum boasts one of the most important Ancient Egyptian collections in the world. The reconstructed historical market square, with the famous Butchers' Guildhall is also a very impressive sight.

In Lower Saxony, however, Hildesheim has really made a name for itself in the theatre scene - the "Theater für Niedersachsen" (Theatre for Lower Saxony) puts on productions for the entire state from its home base in Hildesheim. But the free theatre and cultural scene and more than 7,500 students also make Hildesheim a big city filled with energy and creativity.

Immerse yourself in this vibrant environment - learn more about the many different facets of the city and its people.